Manage Zubie In-Car Wi-Fi


Connecting to In-Car WiFi

1) Make sure your Zubie Key is plugged in.

2) Turn your ignition on to power the In-Car WiFi hotspot.

3) On your mobile device go to WiFi settings.

4) Select the Zubie In-Car WiFi network.

5) Enter the password found on the Quick Start Guide and the Zubie Key.


Changing your Password, Network Name & Other Settings

Use the Connection Manager to manage your connected devices, change In-Car WiFi settings, and admin settings.

To manage your WiFi Hotspot:

1)      Connect to your In-Car WiFi hotspot from any device (your ignition needs to be on).

2)      Open your browser and go to

3)      Login with your admin password (the default password is the same as your WiFi password, printed on your Quick Start Guide).


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