How do I change my WiFi SSID, Password or other Settings?

Editing your In-Car WiFi settings is easy! Simply log-in to the WiFi Connection Manager to customize your account to fit your unique needs.

Below are the steps for changing your In-Car WiFI SSID and Password.

Connect to Zubie In-Car WiFi:

1) Turn vehicle on to power Zubie Key.
2) Go to WiFi Settings on Mobile device.
3) On mobile device choose, ZUBIE IN-CAR WIFI and connect to network.

Access the Connection Manager:

4) Open browser on the connected phone or computer, and go to

5) Sign in using the default password provided on Quick Start Guide/Zubie Key.


6) Select WiFi Settings, tab on left.  

7) You can change the broadcast name (SSID), disable broadcasting, and change the shared password to access Wi-Fi. 


Note: Changing the Wi-Fi password only changes how guests access the hotspot, and does NOT change the Admin Password used to access the Connect Manager.

9) Wait for Zubie In-Car Wifi device to reset (2-3 minutes). When the Zubie In-Car Wifi device shows a blue light it has successfully reset and made SSID and/or password changes. 

10) You will then need to reconnect to new SSID with new password.

We recommend that you write down your new SSID and Password on a sticky note or post-it. Keep your WiFi info in the glove box or center console for quick access and easy sharing.

Please note, you cannot access the connection manager from a device that is not connected to your In-Car WiFi hotspot.

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