Zubie Billing Summary

When do I get billed?  The credit card linked to your account will be charged on the renewal date of your subscription.  If Zubie does not have a card on file by renewal, your account will be suspended until we are able to renew your subscription.

*Zubie Business pricing increased to $179.95 on 1/31/15.  Zubie Keys activated before this date will renew once at $149.95.  A $30 credit per Key will appear on your renewal invoice. 

Where can I manage my account options? You can manage your subscription and credit card settings in the web portal under My Account. Only account admins will have access. Simply turn off Auto-Renew to terminate your monthly plan.


What if I have multiple Zubie Keys in my account?  Just like your cell phone bill, all Zubie Key subscriptions will be rolled into one renewal payment. When your earliest subscription is up for renewal, we will automatically renew all subscriptions under your account at the same renewal rate, for all Keys.


The rate for subscriptions added after the initial purchase will be prorated.  You will see a credit on your invoice for the remaining value for each secondary subscription.


For example, if you purchased a key on January 1 and another on June 1, you would be charged $149.99 ($99.95 for each subscription minus the 6 months you have left on the second subscription.) This process will allow for one easy renewal rate for you in the future. Sales tax may apply.


Do I get a copy of my invoice?  Yes, Zubie will send an invoice to the primary account owner’s email address.


How do I end my subscription if I don’t want to renew?  If you do not set a credit card, and your subscription will automatically expire, and be closed within 30 days of your renewal date.


Can I cancel my subscription after I have been charged?  Yes, you can cancel your subscription by contacting Zubie support.  Zubie will not credit customers for the unused duration of a pre-paid subscription.

Please contact us if you have any questions at support@zubiecar.com

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