Not seeing your trip data? Check your connection first!

Not seeing your vehicle data? In some cases, the Zubie Key may not be connected securely with your diagnostics port. If the Key is loose, it will be unable to get the power and the data that it needs. Follow these simple steps to check you connection:

  1. If your device is currently installed, unplug it.
  2. Plug your device back into your diagnostics port. Make sure it goes into the port with a snug fit and it is not getting hung up on any of the edges of the molding or plastic around it.
  3. Check the light on the device.  After you plug it in, you should see a flashing blue light within a few seconds as the Key performs self-tests. Tip: If you can't see the Key, try holding a piece of white paper near the device
  4. The blinking blue light will turn solid blue in a minute or two.  This means the Zubie Key is ready for driving.  Take a test drive!
  5. After parking, look at the light on the Zubie Key.  The lights will turn on about 30 seconds after the engine is turned off.  If the light turns solid blue, the key is talking to our server. If the key turns red, it was unable to communicate with the server.  If it turns red and blue, device is doing a software update and should not be removed.
  6. In the case of a red light, please click here to open a support ticket for further investigation.  Please provide your device serial number (located at the base of the Key) and car year, make and model for investigation purposes.
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