No light on your Zubie Key

If you have checked the connection between your Zubie Key and car and are not seeing a blue light, the Key must not be getting power from your car. To determine, try this:

  1. Unplug the device and plug it into another car. 
  2. Did the blue light come on in this car?

Yes: This indicates that the device is able to successfully establish a connection just not with the original car.  This means that the device was not correctly installed or the diagnostics port in the car does not work.  Your local service station can tell you if the port is functioning or not.  If you have a second, please Click Here to send us a note with your year, make and model of car so that we can track this issue.

No: This indicates that the device is not functioning properly.  Click here to submit a request to customer care.  Don’t forget the Zubie Key serial number found on the device for all requests to customer care.

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