Why can't I see my vehicle on the Live Map?




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    tom amoroso

    i just tried to reload the zubie key information, and it keeps telling me that (the zubie Key is pending activation by another user)


    why is ti that i cnat seem to make this Zubie work.

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    Zubie Support

    Hi Tom,

    It sounds like you went through the activation steps twice, and the pending activation message is letting you know it's already in the activation process. It can take several hours (up to 12) after you plug in the device to appear in your account, if the device is going through software updates. Please email Support@zubie.com so that our Team can take a look and help you with this! Sorry it's not working properly for you yet, we will get it worked out.



    Lauren with Zubie Community

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    mike penas

    i just tried to reload the zubie key info it keeps telling me zubie key is pending actvation by another user

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