Zubie App Tutorial

Here is a quick overview of the features in the Menu-

  • Live Map- View all drivers and vehicles on a map, as well as daily statistics.
  • Trip History- View all trips taken by all vehicles in your account.
  • My Driving Score- View your Driver Score, metrics and Zubie Badge.
  • Leaderboard- Compare driving scores with those in your groups.
  • AppsThe Discover tab lists all available apps and services while My Apps shows you the ones you’re connected or activated.
  • Perks- Redeem custom discounts that help make car ownership less expensive.
  • Roadside Assistance- Connects you with local companies to provide roadside assistance.
  • Zubie Keys- Lists active keys on your account.
  • Places- Create alerts for arrival/departure of common location such as home, work, etc.
  • Users- Edit and add driver information.
  • Groups- Includes your default Family group, as well as other groups you create.
  • Vehicles- View all vehicles in your Family group.
  • Zubie Keys- Add and activate new Zubie Keys to your existing account.
  • Help- Get assistance from our support team.
  • Settings- Click the gear icon on top right to access profile, account, location and alert information.


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