Start Here! Account Setup & Activating your Zubie Key

Congratulations on receiving your Zubie Key! Watch this video to learn how to setup your Zubie account and activate your Key.

*Transferring your Zubie Key to another vehicle? Simply plug the key in and take a drive- no need to reactivate!

Here is what you’ll need to complete the activation process:

  • The Zubie Key
  • Activation code (provided either in email or in box)
  • Your Car
  • Credit Card (if you purchased through a retailer)

Activation steps:

  1. Open the Zubie App and go to Menu>Zubie Keys and select Activate Zubie Key.
  2. Scan or enter the 8 digit serial number (located on Zubie Key) and activation code.
  3. Locate your diagnostics port- use the “Help me find it” button. It is generally located in the driver’s compartment near the steering wheel. 
  4. Insert the Key into the diagnostics port. Use a little pressure to make sure it goes in all the way and gets a good connection. You should see a blue flashing light after a few seconds (flashing blue and red is ok as well).  After another minute the light will go to solid blue- eventually it will go off.
  5. Take a drive to complete activation.  The claim will show as “pending” until trip data is successfully transmitted.  Generally this is within 15-30 minutes of the first trip, but note that it can take up to 12 hours to see your first trip depending on your coverage.

 *Note: You can also setup your account and activate your Key online at

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