Add Users to your Account

Easily add family members, co-workers or other users to your account.


By adding users as admin or viewer, they have access to view vehicle activity across all vehicles in the account, and get alerts.

You can also add a profile for a driver in your account, but not give them access to the Zubie app or alerts.


1. In the app, go to Menu > Settings > Users (or click here to add users online)

2. Select Users > Add User



4. Select a user role, and email (required only for Admins/Viewers) and save



  • Admins have full access to adding, editing and viewing all account details, including billing information.
  • "Read Only" users can edit their own settings, but only view details about other users and vehicles.
  • Drivers cannot login, they are added by name only so you can associate them with a vehicle.  (Recommended for Teens or Business drivers that won't have app access)


The user will receive an invite email, and be required to login or setup a profile to gain access to your account.

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