Add Favorite Places

Create Places in the Zubie App to automatically get a notification via push or email when vehicles arrive or depart common location such as home, school or work.


Up to 10 Places can be shared across consumer accounts.  Business accounts can have unlimited number of places.


To create a place using Zubie App:

1. Open Menu>Settings>Places.

2. Select Add New Place.




3. Enter an address, place name (like a business or city), or drag the icon to the location of the place you want to add.  



4. Choose the type of place, update the place name (like Home, Molly's School, etc).  Select the boundary (sometimes called a geofence) for notifications that apply to this place. The boundary can be as small as 0.1 mile and as large as 25 miles.   Click Save.




To create a place using Zubie Web Portal:

1. Log into

2. Go to Settings and select Places


3. Add a new place. Select the Plus Sign.


4. Enter Address or a common business name to search.


5. Edit Place Name and Radius then select Save!places_4.JPG


Alternatively, you can also right click on Live Map to easily add a new place.

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