Configure Alerts - Push and Email Notifications

Alerts are an easy way for Zubie to let you know what is going on with your family or your car. You can control how you receive notifications (pushed to your smartphone or email) and can always view a list of notifications from the Alerts section of the app.

To set your notification preferences:

  1. Go to Menu>Settings>Alerts  (or click here to configure online).
  2. Configure how you want to get alerts:
    1. Push notifications (Appear in your notification center on your smartphone. Requires the Zubie App to be installed and logged in)
    2. Email alerts
  3. Let us know what you want us to notify you about.
    1. Vehicle Location Events – When a vehicle arrives or departs from a saved Place.
    2. Trip Alerts -  When a trip has completed.
    3. Device Alerts-  Let you know when your device has been unplugged/plugged in, or moved to another vehicle.
    4. Low Fuel Alerts- lets you know when you have low fuel.
    5. Low Fuel Tank Level- Use the dial to set the percentage and we will notify you any time the cars on your account meets that level.
    6. Vehicle Health – Check Engine or Battery notifications
    7. Maintenance Reminders - Alerts when service is due for oil changes, brake service and more.  Requires service activity to be entered for each vehicle.
    8. Permitted Driving Hours - Alerts based on daily schedules you define for each vehicle.  Learn more.
    9. Hard Brake Events - When you have hard braked on a trip.
    10. Over Speed Events - When a vehicle is driving above the speed threshold you define.
    11. Zubie product news & offers - Get alerts about new Zubie Perks, new features and more.  Don't worry, we will not share your contact information with any third party.




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