Trips - History, Tagging, Exporting

Zubie keeps detailed history of each trip taken by your car, giving you insights into where drivers in your account have been going, and key driving metrics like mileage and unsafe driving events.

Trip History is saved for 3 months for Personal accounts, and 13 months for Business accounts.


Viewing Recent Trips in the App


To view recent (or in progress) trips in Zubie:

1) Go to Live Map > Choose a Vehicle

2) Swipe up the bottom tile and swipe down to the Trip History section.  The most recent trip is shown.

3) Swipe left to view prior trips.

Tip: While a car is moving the current trip will be updated every 30 seconds.  Stats are calculated when the trip is complete.


 Trip Stats are shown as follows:

  • Fuel Costs:  The estimated cost based on your car's average MPG, fuel type , and current fuel pricing in your state.
  • Hard Brakes:  A 7.5 MPH decrease within 1 second.
  • Rapid Accels:  A 8 MPH increase within 1 second.
  • Idle Time:  The % of trip time at 0mph.
  • Top Speed:  The fastest speed recorded on the trip.
  • Minor Speeding: The % of trip spent above the limit (>5mph in city, >8mph on highway) 
  • Major Speeding: The % of trip spend above the limit (>10mph in city, > 12mph on highway)


Viewing Trip History

You can also view a list of your trips by going to Menu>Trip History.

This view makes it easy to see multiple trips as once, and shows the stats for all selected trips.  To select multiple trips, just tap the checkbox.

You can also view a full screen Map of one or more trips at once by clicking Map.  The trip map is interactive - just tap a point on the map to see the vehicle speed relative to the posted speed limit.




Tagging Trips

Do you need to categorize your trips as Business or Personal?  Trip Tagging is an easy way to easily track mileage, and report on this later for expense or tax purposes.

You can tag trips three ways:

1) In Live Map, choose a trip, tap the   icon.

2) In Trip History, select one or more trips, tap the  icon.

3) If you have Trip Complete notifications enabled, and receive push notifications, you can easily tag trips without opening Zubie.  

In iOS, swipe the notification right to tag a trip.

In Android, just tap the button.


Trips can be exported monthly online from, or you can integrate with Expensify (Learn How) for super-easy mileage expense tracking.



Merging Trips


Want to combine a bunch of small trips?  

In Trip History, select multiple trips, and tap Merge Trips 

You can only merge trips from the same day.


Viewing Trips Online


To really immerse yourself in analyzing trip history, checkout our online web portal at  

Here you can do even more with trips like:

  • Filter Trips by Date Range or Tag
  • Export Trip History
  • Modify Drivers


Exporting Trips 

You can export a CSV file that contains detailed trip history for selected users or vehicles.  

1) Login online at

2) Click the Export   icon.

3) Choose the date range. You can optionally filter by Tag or Vehicle/Driver, otherwise the export includes all trips for the date range.  

Tip: Exports are limited to 2MB in size, roughly 5000 trips.




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