The Zubie Driving Score

The Driving Score is an easy way to monitor how you drive. To view your score, go to Menu>Driving Scores.


Watch this short video to learn more: 


Your Zubie Driver Score is how safe and efficient you drive. You earn a score between 0 (bad) and 100 (awesome).  Zubie analyzes dozens of metrics, but focuses on 5 key metrics:

  • Hard Brakes (Hitting the brakes too hard can be a sign you aren't paying attention or you might be tailgating)
  • Rapid Accelerations (Accelerating fast lowers your gas mileage, and can be a sign of aggressive driving)
  • Idle Time (Letting your car idling in the driveway (or on a highway) can greatly reduce your gas mileage)
  • Top Speed (Speeding is one of the top causes of accidents)
  • Night Driving (Darkness and drunk drivers make night driving risky)

A few important things to remember about your score:

  • The score shown in the app is updated daily and uses the prior 7 days of driving behavior.
  • A monthly report scores you over the entire month.
  • If you drive multiple cars with Zubie Keys, the driving is aggregated, giving you one combined score.
  • If other people drive a car for which you are the primary driver, all driving behavior for that car will be linked to your Driver Score unless you change the Driver associated with Trip History. 
  • You can also change the Primary Driver of a vehicle, which changes all trips from that point forward will be linked to the new driver.


Want to compare scores against other drivers in your account? Check out the leaderboard for your Account by going to Menu>Driving Scores.

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