Maintenance Reminders & History

Car maintenance is one of the less exciting aspects of car ownership, but it is super important for keeping a car healthy. Zubie makes it easy to keep on top of frequent maintenance events so you don’t have to guess when to bring your car in.

  • Zubie tracks activity for Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Tire Replacement, Brake Service, and other frequent services.

  • Zubie uses actual trip mileage to remind you at the right time for mileage based reminders

  • Monitor upcoming maintenance recommendations

  • Record details about your service, including cost, notes and service provider

  • Get alerted about upcoming service

  • Customize reminder intervals to suit your vehicle

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Zubie App   -  Watch Setup Video

1.) Turn ON Maintenance Alerts

Log into the Zubie App> Open the Menu  hamburger.png  > Open Settings (gear in right hand corner of the menu)> Select Alerts>Choose which Vehicles receive Maintenance Alerts.

*Make Sure to Save Your Settings

2.) Where to Find Maintenance Alerts

You can manage your maintenance alerts under the Vehicles tab. There are two ways to access the Vehicle tab:

a) From the Live Map screen, choose a vehicle, and tap the up.png to show the details panel.


b) Open the Menu> Scroll Down and Tap Vehicles> Select Your Vehicle 


3.) Managing Maintenance Alerts

Click the maintenance section on the Vehicles page to set and adjust reminders. Choose from:

-Tire Rotation

-Tire Replacement
-Oil Change
-Battery Replacement

Web View 

1.) Turn On Maintenance Alerts

Click here to login to Web View and edit your alert settings. Scroll down to Maintenance Alerts to adjust your preferences.

2.) Where to Find Maintenance Alerts

Select a vehicle in Live Map, and click on the Vehicles tab in the Right Menu Pane.  Click on Maintenance on the bottom of the list.

3.) Managing Maintenance Alerts

You may need to scroll down to click the maintenance section on the Vehicles tab. Set and adjust reminders for:

-Tire Rotation, Tire Replacement, Oil Change, Battery Replacement, Fuel Filter Replacement & Brakes

TIP:  Make sure the starting odometer for your vehicle is accurate for mileage based reminders!

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