Setting Up & Activating Zubie Keys for Zubie Business

Before you can use your Zubie Key, it must be activated through Zubie App or

You'll need the Zubie Key, Activation Code, and Primary Driver setup.

Transferring a Zubie Key to another vehicle? Simply plug in and take a drive. No need to reactivate.

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Before you Start

Activating multiple devices?  It is critical to record which device is installed in which vehicle.   Once you receive your devices, make a list or spreadsheet indicating which Key will be installed in which Car, and which driver will be assigned as the.  Use that spreadsheet to speed up the activation and installation process outlined below. 


Activate using the Zubie Portal

    1. Login to the Zubie Portal.
    2. Go to  Settings > Zubie Keys > Click the + Icon.  Enter the required information about the device and the car it will be installed in
      • Activation Code: 10 digit code you received via email, or in the Zubie Key package. If you have lost your activation code, don’t worry, we can resend it to you.  Click here and let us know that you need it resent.
      • Serial Number: 8 digit number found on the Zubie Key.
      • Nickname: A unique identifier, such as a vehicle number.
      • VIN:  The 17 digit identifier for the vehicle (Only needed if car is older than 2006)
      • Current Odometer (Used for maintenance schedules)
      • Primary Driver (Required. This driver will be associated with trips, and receive a driving score associated with the vehicle)
    3. If you don't already have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to enter one.


Now you are ready to install the Key in your car! 

  1. Use the Port Finder to look up the location of your diagnostics port. Generally it is located in the driver’s compartment near the steering wheel.  When you insert the Key into the diagnostics port, use a little pressure to make sure it goes in all the way and gets a good connection.  It’s okay to use a little pressure.
  2. Take drive within the next 24 hours to complete the activation. 
  3. You will receive an email when the activation is complete.
  4. Refresh the Live Map to see your new vehicle - the activation should be complete within 10 minutes.  


Activating using the Zubie App

Activating is even easier from the Zubie App (available for iOS or Android).

  1. Go to the Menu> Settings & More > Activate Zubie Keys
  2. Click Activate new Zubie Key.
  3. Follow the steps to activate and install the Key.
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