Live Map (Web version)

Live Map is the most frequently used Zubie Business tool, providing real-time insights into fleet activity.

Live Map powers all of these features:

To access, go to


Map Settings + Tools

Live Map is powered by Google Maps.

1) Click the Map Layers Icon  to toggle these layers on the map:

  • Traffic:  Shows real-time traffic status
  • Satellite:  Shows a satellite (aka Google Earth) view
  • Places:  Shows the Places you've saved in your account

2) Use the Zoom icons  or double click to zoom in on the map.

3) Drag the "Street View" guy to a road to see a real picture of the road.

4) Right Click anywhere on the map to Add a Place, or find the 5 closest vehicles.


Monitor Real Time Location

Live Map shows real time locations for up to 100 vehicles in your account. Click on a Vehicle in the Vehicle List (right side) to zoom into the vehicle.


Vehicle Icon Colors

Vehicle icons are color coded based on the vehicle status:


 Vehicle is currently in motion.  If speed is >10mph, the direction arrow is shown.


 Vehicle has reported a trip or location heartbeat in the past 24 hours


 Vehicle location is stale.

Vehicle Status

On the right side of the screen, vehicles are listed including current location and health status.

The date/time reflects the last location update - this can be based on a trip, or a "heartbeat" between trips.


Using Search to lookup Places, Vehicles or Drivers

Use the universal search bar to find just about anything in your account (including Places, Vehicles, Drivers), or to lookup an address.  This is a great tool for dispatching your drivers.


Address search:  You can type in an address, a city, business name, and Zubie will search for the best match.  Zooms to that location on the map. You can right click to save the location as a favorite place.

Vehicle/Driver search: Zooms to the current location and show the Trip List.

Saved Places search: Zooms to the place location, shows the 5 nearest vehicles and drivers, and shows Place Activity.


Nearby Drivers

To find the 5 closest vehicles/drivers to a location, you can:

1) Right Click anywhere on the map, and choose "Find Nearby Vehicles".

2) Click on a saved Place Icon.

3) Search for an address or Place.

Zubie shows you the 5 closest vehicles based on driving distance (using google-based route), factoring in current traffic conditions.

Simply click the Map & Directions link which will generate a route in a new Google Map tab.  From here, you can share the link with a driver or print out the directions.


View Trip History

To view trips for a vehicle, first select the vehicle by clicking on the icon on the map, or choosing the vehicle in the list.

To view the details for a trip, just click it.  You can also select multiple trips by checking the box to the left of each trip.

This will display 1) a Trip Stats section, which summarizes driving metrics for the selected trip, and 2) a History Map, which highlights the driving route plus driving events.

The trip trail is color coded based on speed limit compliance.

Red = Major Speeding

Yellow = Minor Speeding

On the map, just click any point to see the speed and speed limit.  The red icons indicate a driving event, such as a hard brake, rapid accel, or high speed.



Filtering Trips

To view trips older than a couple of days, you may want to use the Trip Filter tool.  You can dig up trips as old as a year.


Edit Trips:  Tags &  Drivers

Completed trips can be edited for improving downstream analysis and scoring data.



Tags can be used to identify personal versus business trips.  All tags are saved and can be used for filtering your trip export report, or for integrating with expense tools like Expensify.

To tag trips:

1) Select or more trips in the Trip List.

2) Click the "Tag"  icon in the top of the trip section, and choose the tag you want to apply, or click "Remove" to clear tags from selected trips.


Changing Drivers

Zubie scores, and all driver-based reporting, relies on the correct driver being assigned to a vehicle before a trip begins.  If this is missed for some reason, you can edit the driver here for one or more trips.

To change:

1) Select or more trips in the Trip List.

2) Click the Driver dropdown in the top of the trip section, and choose the driver you want to apply.


Trip stats and the dashboard will be updated (it will take 15-30 minutes before the dashboard reflects the change).


Export Trips

Want to download your trip data for further analysis, integration into another system, or keeping a historical record of driving activity?

1) Choose any vehicle in Live Map, so the Trip List is shown.     

2) Click the Trip Export icon.

3) Choose the date range, and optionally filter by Tags, or selected Vehicles/Drivers.  By default, all vehicles and drivers are selected for the time range.

Zubie will generate the report, and send it to you via email within a couple of minutes.

Tip: An export file cannot be larger than 2MB, so we suggest limiting the export to a month for fleets with more than 10 vehicles.


Monitor Vehicle Health

Checkout the current vehicle status directly in Live Map.

Vehicle Health includes the battery level, check engine light codes (if any), fuel level (if reported by the vehicle), odometer, and maintenance reminders.

1) To view health, select a vehicle via the map, list or search.

2) Click the "Vehicle" tab at the top.

Manage Maintenance Reminders

To manage maintenance reminders, navigate to a vehicle using the steps above.  Click the Maintenance section to view all reminders, and service history.  

Checkout this article for more details.

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