Scheduled Reports - Overview

Zubie Business users can subscribe to Insight Reports, which are delivered to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scheduled reports are a great way to stay on top of trends, and have a record of progress over time.


Quick Tips:

  • Emailed either weekly or monthly
  • All reports are DRIVER based, so metrics are based on the driver associated with each trip
  • You'll get both an HTML version and a CSV attachment, which can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis 
  • Weekly reports are sent Monday for the prior week (Sat-Sat)
  • Monthly reports are sent 1-2 business days after the end of the month
  • Only users with an ADMIN or VIEWER role can receive reports


What Reports Are Available?

(Click through to see samples, and detailed descriptions of each report)

The Pulse:  A business-wide snapshot including an overall fleet score, aggregated statistics like mileage, idle time and hard brakes, and trends in overall fleet performance.

Leaderboard:  A ranked list of of drivers (based on the Zubie Score).  Includes total mileage, drive time, idle, and other metrics for each driver. 

Driver Scorecard: Individual reports for each driver, that you can print/share with drivers for one on one coaching.

Trip History:  A detailed list of all trips associated with a given driver.  You will receive an email PER DRIVER if this is enabled.

Place Activity:  A summary of the top 25 places visited, including # of trips, time at the site.  This report links to an online dashboard for more detailed reports on each place.


How To Setup Reports

To configure which reports you get, click here, or go to > click your profile icon > Reports.

Configuring Reports for Other Users

If you are an admin, you can edit preferences for other users.  

In, go to Settings > Users (or click here).  Click the Edit icon next to a user, and edit their report preferences.

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