The Pulse (Insights Report)

Use The Pulse to get weekly or monthly snapshots of your entire operation.



Fleet Score:  This is a "big picture" performance score across all of your drivers.  The score accounts for hard braking, rapid accelerations, idling, over speeding (above 65mph), and night driving.  It is weighted by mileage.



Trips:  Count of trips.

Total Miles:  Sum of mileage.

Avg Driving:  Hours + minutes of driving across all drivers, based on the number of days with driving activity in the time period.



Time Idling:  The percent of engine time spent at 0 mph.  Manage your idle time to improve fuel efficiency and reduce your gas bill.

Time in Traffic: The percent of engine time spent between 1 and 15mph. 

Fuel Cost:  The total estimated fuel cost.  This uses each vehicle's Average MPG, Fuel Type and a weekly state average gas price.

Idle Cost:  The estimated cost of fuel wasted, based on the idle percentage, fuel type and local gas prices.



Hard Brakes:  Count of Hard Brake Events.

Rapid Accels:  Count of Rapid Acceleration Events.

High Speed Driving > 75mph:  Duration spent driving over 75mph.

Minor Speeding:  Unsafe speeding above the limit. (>5MPH on local roads, >8MPH on the highway)

Major Speeding: Unsafe speeding above the limit. (>10MPH on local roads, >12MPH on the highway)



A summary of the top drivers.  Use the Leaderboard report, or checkout the Dashboard for a full list of drivers and more stats on each driver.

Score Trends

A week-over-week (or month-over-month) trend graph of the overall fleets score.


See the Scheduled Reports Overview for instructions on enabling this report.


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