Trip History (Insights Report)

Use the Trip Report for a detailed listing of all trips associated with a driver.

This is a great tool if you need to save documentation on where a driver or vehicle has been. 

Note, this is a DRIVER based report, so you will receive a report for each driver, based on the driver associated with each trip.



Trip Start + End:  Time & Location associated with each trip (if associated with a saved Place, the Place name will appear)

Total Miles:  Sum of mileage.

Time:  Total engine time. 

Fuel Cost:  The total estimated fuel cost.  This uses each vehicle's Average MPG, Fuel Type and a weekly state average gas price.

Hard Brakes:  Count of Hard Brake Events.

Rapid Accels:  Count of Rapid Acceleration Events.

High Speed Driving > 75mph:  Duration spent driving over 75mph.

Minor Speeding:  Unsafe speeding above the limit. (>5MPH on local roads, >8MPH on the highway)

Major Speeding: Unsafe speeding above the limit. (>10MPH on local roads, >12MPH on the highway)

Time Idling:  The percent of engine time spent at 0 mph.  Manage your idle time to improve fuel efficiency and reduce your gas bill.


See the Scheduled Reports Overview for instructions on enabling this report.

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