Place Activity (Insights Report)

The Place Activity Report summarizes visit activity for the top 25 places in your account.

Use this report to understand what customers or jobs your drivers drove to the most and where they spent the most time.

It can be setup to run weekly or monthly.

Important notes: 

1) This report requires that you setup at least one Place.  Only activity after a place has been created will be included.

2) What is a "visit"?  Anytime a vehicle enters and exits the geofence of a Place, it counts as a visit, even if the vehicles engine is on throughout the visit.  For this reason, visit counts and trip counts may be different.   Only completed visits are included in the report.



Place:  The name and address of the place.  Click the link to open web view and view the visit dashboard, including a full list of visits.

Visits:  The number of times a vehicle entered the place geofence.  

Visit Time: The time spent inside of the geofence.

Average Visit Time:  The total visit time divided by number of visits. 

Engine On:  The percentage of the visit time where the engine was on.  This is useful for detecting excessive idling.



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