Installing the Zubie Crew App (For Drivers)

Have you been invited to use the Zubie Crew app by your company or employer?


To use the Zubie Crew App, you'll need:

1) An invitation from a Zubie admin (a Text Message or Email)

2) An iPhone or Android Phone (Tablets with a Cellular or WiFi connection can be used too).


Follow these steps to get started:


  1. Click on the link from Zubie in the Text Message, or Email on their iPhone or Android Phone.
  2. This will launch the iOS App Store or Google Play store.
  3. Download the Zubie Crew App.
  4. Launch the Zubie Crew App.  The driver will automatically be linked to your account, and you will be asked to confirm the invitation.  (If you DO NOT automatically get linked, find the 8-digit invite code included in the Text/Email, then click on First Time Here? Enter Invite Code, and type in the code).
  5. Complete your User Profile, using the email address where we can send you notifications and reports, plus set a password.


You'll start seeing your driving data after you've completed a new trip. 


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