Configuring Browser Notifications

How can I enable or disable web notifications in the Zubie web portal?

The Zubie web portal can show notifications for events like that occur in your account, for example when a vehicle experiences a hard break or arrives at a place.

You can allow or block these notifications for the Zubie portal (and other web sites) in your browser’s settings.



  1. Choose “Settings” from the browser menu
  2. Click “Show advanced settings…” at the bottom of the page
  3. Under the “Privacy” heading, click the “Content Settings” button
  4. About half-way down the content in the pop-up, there is a “Notifications” heading. You can set your browser to allow or block notifications for all sites there, or you can click the “Manage exceptions…” button to make site-by-site changes
  5. Select the row to change the notification setting



  1. Choose “Preferences” from the browser menu
  2. Select “Content” on the left
  3. Under the “Notifications” heading, click the “Choose…” button
  4. Then select the row you want to edit and click the “Remote Site” button
  5. Firefox will ask you for permission to show notifications next time you visit that site



  1. Go to the Safari preferences
  2. Choose the Notifications tab
  3. Change the value for the site you want to edit


Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open the browser’s settings
  2. Click the “View advanced settings” button at the bottom
  3. Under the “Notifications” heading, click the “Manage” button
  4. Toggle notifications on or off for the desired site


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:

Unfortunately, IE11 does not support web notifications.

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